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myKITA – The Only Future to A Truly New Malaysia. 

Written by- Mariam Sadaf Imam, August 30, 2021

Malaysia is a country blessed by all elements required for success – social diversity, geographically free from major natural calamities, productive climate with not drastic seasonal disparity, and ample natural resources. However, many believe that the country has not prospered as rapidly and completely as it should have. Malaysia has fallen behind in many aspects of evolution when compared to other. Asian countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Singapore, despite having had the same hindrances and drawbacks.  The sour and painful truth is that Malaysia is suffering. She is suffering due to muddy politics and selfish behaviour of those in power. 


myKITA is a private entity incorporated on August 16, 2021 with the sole purpose of shaping future professional community and national leaders. Founded by Myocho Kan, myKITA aims to fight the many injustices that plague Malaysian society through positivity and advancement by restoring logic and integrity that waned in the battle of political win. This has formed the very foundation of myKITA, a genuine Third Force, minus the political equation.


“We are moving into an uncharted territory, a totally new era that many may not understand and appreciate the concept of a genuine Third Force. This will be an uphill task, just like when parties of all political divides started more than 60 years ago,” 

Kan admitted sadly.


Third Force is a concept that Myocho Kan had first introduced during his independent candidacy campaign in the 2018 Port Dickson by-election. For the past six or so decades, the political playground of Malaysia has always been conquered by the two same blocs of extreme – the Ruling party and the Opposition. The two extremes never meet, and if they do, it is a political marriage born out of convenience. However, this convenience comes at a cost – The people’s interest and wellbeing. This is exemplified in many ways, from how COVID19 was handled to the institution of economic, education and industrial preference along racial lines instead of meritocracy.


While everyone is busy politicking and surviving on the negativities, nobody at the decision-making level is working on bringing about positive changes, plans, and outcomes. This is where the Third Force comes into play. It will pick up the pieces, get the job done, and support whichever idea or policy is right regardless of the political divide.


A Third Force, a true Third Force, acts as an intermediary between opposing forces and provides a rational and calm outlook that prioritizes the well-being of the people over the showboating politics that have now become the norm. 


As of right now, there is no Third Force in Malaysia at the parliamentary level, except for the scattered independent candidates. While some people do claim to be acting as a Third Force, these people are former politicians who still think and act like one. This presents a conundrum as they still possess the mentality of politicking and are not working with the public’s best interest at heart, but rather their own and their political masters.


Malaysia’s closest iteration of the Third Force has been independent candidates. Independent candidates sincerely wish to make a difference and contribute to the society to the best of their abilities and what they do best as a profession. A legitimate independent candidate does not wish to engage in showboat politics and tries to stay as far away from the very notion of politicking as possible. Unfortunately, these independent candidates get carried away by the tides and wind of political nonsense because they lack a strong collective identity that is necessary for the survival and advancement of any cause. 


myKITA’s primary objective is to be an unbiased reference point for professional community and national leaders. It intends to shape independent candidates and give them that coveted collective identity without involving politics into the mix. myKITA wants to focus on expansionary matters that result in advancement, not compressionary matters that result in confusion and illusions. This is something that politics has either ignored or deliberately delayed in order to buy time so that they can stay in power for the next round. 


A country that is as naturally inclined for success as Malaysia needs nothing but a helping hand from the people that sit in the heart of her power. myKITA will be this helping hand. It will provide integrity, professional governance and advancement, and an actively authentic Third Force that is not muddled by politics. This is a historic political innovation for Malaysia. It will guide Malaysia into a new era of heightened prosperity and progress with only one goal in mind – Malaysia Empowered!

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