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Philosophies, Principles, & Passions.

myKITA’s primary philosophy is mutual enrichment, enshrined in our motto, “Bridging Aspirations, Building Nation.” We believe in mutuality as every party, entity or individual has their own aspirations and deserve to be respected no matter how different they are. We believe that in every difference, there is something in common and it is through these commonalities that we strive to build on with the ultimate aim of building a nation that belongs to all Malaysians regardless of our differences.


myKITA’s Principles are simple – Integrity, Professional Governance, and Advancement. It is upon these three principles, myKITA operates as the Centre of Integrity, Professional Governance, and Advancement.


myKITA’s Passion is in three key areas – Economy, Education, and Eco-System. These are the critical foundations of a nation’s success, where dynamism, advancement, resilience, and prosperity are built on.

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