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Our Work

myKITA operates the Centre of Integrity, Professional Governance and Advancement. Capitalizing on the Founder’s successful past, myKITA’s nature of business is a national business.
Beginning on a right footing is important, and the right footing is to remove the political equation that has brought more harm and benefits. This is made possible with the very identity of myKITA, being incorporated as a private limited company and not a political party or non-governmental organization.
myKITA’s nature of business is to coach, groom, shape, mentor, develop, deploy and manage community and national leaders through our Professional Parliamentarian Program (PPP). We make them a truly Professional in public and government administration, before offering themselves as a MP through the ballot box. Since we are not a political party but a professional entity, our aim is to provide a platform and collective identity for Independent Candidates as the Third Alternative.
So far, there is no active Third Alternative at parliamentary level. Third Alternative and Third Force is fundamentally different. Third Force in Malaysia is a concept that comes in the form of social pressure, not political but unfortunately politicking. Yes, there are also claims by certain people that they are the Third Force, but made up of political remnants with political baggage. There is no GENUINE Third Alternative per se so far.
Third Force, the closest are the Independent Candidates (IC). Sadly, they eventually ended up with a political party to strengthen their position politically. As an IC, we want to make a difference and contribute with what we do best. A genuine IC don't want to be a puppet to any political master, and definitely don't want to engage in the never-ending political futility. Politicking is not our game, politics is not our expertise. That's why an IC participates in election on private and individual basis.
Hence, myKITA existed for a simple reason, to be the coach and mentor, grooming IC’s on private and individual basis and give them a collective identity. And since IC’s emerge on a private basis, so is myKITA. We all want to keep clean and steer away from negative politics, and this is exactly the reason why myKITA is not a political party but a professional entity.
The future of Malaysia lies in the hands of an active and a truly Third Alternative, minus the political equation. Otherwise, we are no different from the politicians. myKITA will take this historic lead as the Third Alternative!


LIFE Agenda

Abah Beca Penang. Enhancing welfare and benefits of Penang's trishaw operators.

Memperkasakan Golongan Profesional Sebagai Gabungan Calon Bebas

Teknokrat, pengenalan bersejarah dalam arena politik Malaysia.



Targeted Food Aid (TFA) during COVID19

Treating The Needy with Dignity, Not for Publicity.


Polis dan Masyarakat Berpisah Tiada

Bersama mengharungi pandemik Covid19 dengan bantuan makanan


Managed Movement Order (MMO)

A Strategic and Sustainable COVID19 SOP Alternative.


10 Rayuan dan Pendapat Kepada Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM)

Saksikan pendapat-pendapat berkenaan dengan kawalan dan pengurusan bencana profesional, tiga hari selapas Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) 1.0 diperkenalkan. Namun, kebanyakkan pendapat tersebut lambat ataupun gagal dilaksanakan pada masa yang sesuai dan berkenaan (timely implementation).


MCO, What's Next?

Listen to the opinion of a more strategic and sustainable pandemic management. We want to flatten the Covid19 curve, not flatten the economy and people's lives.


Setahun Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan

Saksikan pendapat profesional tanpa pilih-kasih dan berat-sebelah berkenaan dengan pencapaian satu tahun PH. Apakah janji dan manifesto PH itu bersifat profesional ataupun politik?


Myocho as Independent Candidate at Port Dickson By-Election 2018

 The Expectations of A Professional Governance.


Myocho as Independent Candidate at Port Dickson By-Election 2018

Port Dickson as Malaysia's Renown EduTourism State.


Myocho as Independent Candidate at Port Dickson By-Election 2018

Positive Politics


Post GE14 Expectation

Code of Professionalism for Civil Servants


Harapan Pasca PRU14

Kod Profesionalisme untuk Penjawat Awam


Myocho Sebagai Mentor MP Termuda


Myocho Sebagai Mentor MP Termuda

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