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Who we are & What we do

If you are frustrated with the futile and ugly politics, we are just what you need! myKITA is the solution to New Malaysia with our new generation of Professionals as community and national leaders, not Politicians- a truly genuine Third Force.


myKITA’s primary objective is to be an unbiased reference point for professional community and national leaders. It intends to shape independent candidates and give them that coveted collective identity without involving politics into the mix. myKITA wants to focus on expansionary matters that result in advancement, not compressionary matters that result in confusion and illusions. This is something that politics has either ignored or deliberately delayed in order to buy time so that they can stay in power for the next round. 


A country that is as naturally inclined for success as Malaysia needs nothing but a helping hand from the people that sit in the heart of her power. myKITA will be this helping hand. It will provide integrity, professional governance and advancement, and an actively authentic Third Force that is not muddled by politics. This is a historic political innovation for Malaysia. It will guide Malaysia into a new era of heightened prosperity and progress with only one goal in mind – Malaysia Empowered!

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